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About Us

The Adler Aphasia Center in the Department of Communication Disorders at HAC is a therapeutic program that was established in 2007 by the Adler family of New Jersey. The Center provides on-going treatment and support for people who suffer from aphasia - along with their caretakers and family members.

People with aphasia and their families come to the Center from throughout Israel because of the Center’s unique social approach and community-based services.

What is Aphasia ?

Individuals suffering from aphasia experience difficulties with various aspects of communication including impaired and limited speech, difficulties with language comprehension, and difficulties with reading and writing. Aphasia results from significant damage to the speech and language processing centers of the brain, and is a common result of traumatic brain injury, or certain illnesses. Aphasia is often caused by cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), commonly known as “stroke," as well as accidents, brain tumors, and various diseases.

People with aphasia often have trouble expressing their thoughts and desires, and they can become challenged by communicating with those in their immediate environment.

Every year in Israel, approximately 15,000 people are affected by the debilitating consequences of CVA, some 4,500 of whom suffer from aphasia.

Adler Aphasia Center, a unique, long-term approach -

The Adler Aphasia Center at HAC provides unique long-term treatment, rehabilitation and community-based services for individuals with chronic aphasia.

The Center's goal is to provide therapeutic treatment, along with supplemental activities for clients and their families, in order to improve their communication skills, and to enhance their quality of life.

The Center's clinical treatment model is based on the "social approach to aphasia intervention" - which both incorporates and complements the traditional medical approach. This model emphasizes the operation of various group activities, and promotes alternative tools for effective communication and social interaction. The Center focuses on the individual's different spheres of functional communication including the interpersonal, familial, and communal.

The Center’s main goal is to provide individuals with aphasia with the confidence and experience to successfully engage in effective interactions with their partners, as well as in larger family and social settings. The Center constitutes an important component of the clinical training experience for students in the Department of Communication Disorders at Hadassah Academic College.



Activities for people with aphasia include:

  • Individual speech and communication treatments.
  • Personal adaptation of assistive communication devices.
  • Communication and conversation groups.
  • Activity workshops including photography, art, music, and movement – to focus on the development of non-verbal tools of expression.
  • Cooking therapy – as a format in which to strengthen communication.
  • Social activities including day trips, holiday celebrations, and lectures.

Services for family and caregivers:

• Training in techniques to facilitate improved communications.
• Guidance and support groups for partners.
• Group activities in the community.
• Public education about aphasia and national outreach.
• Clinical training for students in HAC's Department of Communication Disorders.
• Training sessions for medical and nursing students.
• Lectures and workshops for professionals in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.
• Workshops for speech and language pathologists.
• Leading national advocacy efforts to raise public awareness about aphasia throughout Israel.

The center is an important part of the clinical professional experience and training of the students in the Department of Communication Disorders at Hadassah Academic College.


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