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Eye Clinics

As part of Hadassah Academic College's ongoing commitment to offering public health outreach services and advanced student training opportunities, the College offers a top quality optometry and eye care clinic to the general public. This clinics affords Jerusalem residents high quality, low cost vision services delivered in a friendly, caring atmosphere.

At the Hadassah Eye Clinic, senior level students in the Department of Optometry perform vision tests under the direct supervision of academic faculty and clinical professionals. Services are offered for all ages, from infants to elderly, and for a variety of medical conditions. Patients may come to the clinic seeking basic evaluations for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Others patients requiremore advanced tests, including glaucoma and retinal health screenings, specialized pediatric evaluations and congenital defect screenings, and assistance with structural or functional eye disorders.

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The Hadassah Eye Clinic provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to gain real world experience in their field, helping to create more confident and experienced health practitioners. The Clinic also contributes to the College's economic development and urban renewal efforts in downtown Jerusalem by providing an affordable alternative for professional eye care. In keeping with this goal, the Eye Clinic also offers an eye glasses dispensary for low cost frames and lenses, and direct sales of contact lenses at reduced costs.

For further information and a schedule of the clinic's hours, please see the Hebrew site.