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Career Counseling Center

Rothschild Caesarea Foundation Career Counseling Center

Director: Hagit Freeman

September 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

Far from being an academic ivory tower, Hadassah College is committed to training real world professionals for Israel's growing employment marketplace.

This vital commitment is reflected in the recently opened Career Counseling Center established with the support of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation (Israel). The Center provides crucial guidance to current students and alumnito successfully enter the workforce and pursue a rewarding career.

The first task is to ensure students spend their time at Hadassah College building up marketable, real world, on-the-job experience in their field of study. Pulling from the College's extensive collaborative ties with local industry in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, as well as the College's own network of community service clinics and projects, the Career Center is able to find exciting internship and work experience for all students.

Assistance is also provided to help students develop the practical skills of the job market. The Career Center offers seminars in essential skills such as crafting a resume, submitting a job application, preparing for job interviews, finding career opportunities and networking with professional peers. The Center also offers programs in topics such as understanding the career market and current trends in Israeli employment.

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The Center is also available for free, personalized career counseling whereby students can discuss their goals, options and direction and receive individualized attention from knowledgeable counselors. This guidance includes assistance for those students who are interested in pursuing advanced and graduate studies after completing their programs at Hadassah College.

The Center hosts job fairs and employment events, and works diligently to ensure Hadassah graduates find employment in their fields. Additionally, employers throughout Israel send job opening notifications directly to the Center.

Further information can be found on the Center's Hebrew site. The Center can be reached at:

Email: career@hac.ac.il