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Henrietta Szold Challenge Center

The mission of the Henrietta Szold Challenge Center is to help students overcome learning challenges or disabilities in order to reach their full academic potential. The center provides a variety of assistance to:

  • Students with physical disabilities or limitations, or medical conditions
  • Students with learning disabilities, including cognitive or sensory issues
  • Students for whom Hebrew is not their first language

The Center provides a wide range of support and guidance for students facing these challenges. The Center takes a holistic approach to student assistance, looking at the big picture and endeavoring to address students' overall needs as well as their specific issues.

Services offered at the Henrietta Szold Challenge Center include:

  • Individual counseling, including references for diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Providing answers and information on learning disabilities, including ways of coping and overcoming challenges
  • Study skills workshops aimed at improving existing skills and imparting new ones. Workshops offer new learning strategies geared towards specific courses, as well as general information on topics such as test-taking preparation and strategies.
  • Individual assistance in improving study skills
  • Assistance in adapting to college life and the demands of academic studies
  • Administering tests for students with specific needs, including students with vision or hearing impairments, those who need extra time for exams due to dyslexia or other learning disabilities, and students for whom Hebrew is a second language
  • Providing technical and device support for students with physical, vision or hearing disabilities

Further information on the Center, including eligibility criteria for certain assistance programs, can be found on the Hebrew site. The Center is open Sunday through Thursday from 8:30am to 2:00pm local time. The Center can be reached at:

Phone: 02-629-1910
Fax: 02-629-2610