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Social and Community Programs

Hadassah Academic College takes pride in its active and vital participation in Jerusalem community life. The College and its students undertake a wide range of community leadership and outreach roles, and operate a number of social programs which fill vital gaps in essential services to Jerusalem residents from all walks of life, from infancy into old age. These efforts are based on the College’s philosophy of fostering a sense of mutual partnership, assistance and engagement among the city’s many varied residents and communities.

The majority of the College’s social programs and community outreach efforts are direct extensions of its academic degree and training programs. As such, they provide the city’s poor and underserved populations with free access to quality professional services while simultaneously providing Hadassah students with real-world training. Students are encouraged to take on management and leadership roles and to apply skills and knowledge from their academic training for the betterment of the community. At the same time, students gain valuable practical experience and learn about themselves while cultivating their creativity, their willingness to help others and their sense of civic pride and obligation.

Each semester, more than 600 Hadassah Academic College students can be found taking active roles in the community. Hadassah is more than just an institution of higher learning. Rather, it is an integral part of the social fabric of Israel’s capital city.



Photos by: Yael Tzachor