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Azrieli Gallery is a gift of the Azrieli Fund to Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem. The gallery aims to serve as a display window for reflecting the lively contemporary spirit of the college, both conceptual and practical, as expressed in the creative activity of the departments of photographic communications and general industrial design.

The gallery’s activity centers on four main principles:


The gallery is a non-profit organization that focuses on the encounter with the students and works toward productive dialogue among artists, lecturers, graduates and students. The artists whose work is displayed at the gallery are required to work with students. The students chosen to present their work will undergo in-depth processes that will precede exhibition.


The gallery will serve as a platform for works that express aspects of the investigating humanity and examining of society.

Design and Photography:

The focal points for planning exhibitions at the gallery are design and photography. The exhibitions at the gallery will relate to these media as the points of origin for the various works.

Culture Encounter for Jerusalem Youth:

The gallery and the auditorium above it will aim to serve as a meeting point between community and society, between technology and art, and will create cultural events that target the student community in the city.

We view the gallery as an opportunity to promote the following goals:

  • Enriching the dialogue between the academic space and the social-communal space in Jerusalem.
  • Developing the internal dialogue of the learning community on campus.
  • Exposing professional discourse in the design and visual fields to students and the public.
  • Promoting international relations for the college, thereby placing the gallery in a significant position in Israel and around the world.
  • Establishing the gallery as a focal point for creating connections with industry and the professional community in Israel and globally.
  • Creating a fertile environment for conferences, lectures and meetings addressing the content worlds that accompany the exhibitions.

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