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Green Campus

Hadassah Academic College's "Green Campus" initiative includes a variety of environmental activities both on campus and in the surrounding community. The project is now in its fifth year thanks to the support and encouragement of College President Professor Bertold Friedlander.

The main objective of the project is to initiate and implement quality environmental projects on campus and in the immediate community. The project aims to raise awareness of environmental issues among students, faculty members and college employees, with the understanding that this awareness will also be reflected and bear influence outside of the College.

Green Council

The College has a "Green Council" headed by College President Professor Bertold Friedlander, including representatives of the faculty, students, College management, marketing staff, spokesperson, and Dean of Students. Council members hold regular meetings at which ideas and initiatives for activities are raised, annual work plans are discussed, and reports are received on environmental activities engaged at both the College and community.

Rehabilitation work in the garden at Nehorai, activity of "Above and Beyond"

Green campus activity at the college combines environmental content on several levels

On the academic level

The college enables and encourages all of its students to participate in study courses on various environmental quality subjects. The courses are elective, and award students with academic credits.

On the administrative level

Through rational use of resources, such as installation of special "light tubes" that convey natural external light into the center, thus achieving considerable savings on artificial lighting, and creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the building. In addition, the college concerns itself, each year, with reducing the use of chemical substances in student laboratories, and replacing them with environmentally friendly substances. The college also organizes the recycling of paper, plastic bottles, and batteries. In addition, comprehensive action for economizing on the use of electricity and water.

On the community level

Each year, the students take part in activities at various institutions and organizations in the City of Jerusalem. The college grants students special scholarships in the aim of promoting and encouraging environmental activity in the community. In this framework, ongoing activity of college students together with school students takes place in community gardens throughout the city, as well as explanatory meetings on environmental issues such as waste disposal, recycling,  conservation of energy, air quality and water resources.

Dr. Geula Sherf, acting head of the Environmental Health Department, receives the Green Campus Award from the Minister of Environmental Protection