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Address: 8 Havazelet Street, Esther Gottesman Building, Second Floor
Phone: 02-6291303


Advice by email

Eric Royi: eric@hac.ac.il

Tamar Semandar: tamarse@hac.ac.il  

Online Catalog



Please refer to Hebrew version for up-to-date details: Here



  •  Access to databases via Orbit system (as usual)
  • For questions, problems etc., please e-mail Eric or Tamar - we will do our best to assist under the current circumstances.

Opening Hours

Sunday   8:30-20:45
Monday   8:30-20:45
Tuesday   8:30-20:45
Wednesday   8:30-20:45
Thursday   8:30-18:45
Friday   8:30-11:45


Library Staff

eric@hac.ac.il Library director Mr. Eric Royi

     Acquisition (books), reference and Database use instruction 

Mrs. Tamar semandar
rinatb@hac.ac.il Circulation, reference, cataloguing, design and graphics Mrs. Rinat Bauml
nizanaco@hac.ac.il Circulation, journals, cataloguing and reference Mrs. Nizana Cohen
hilapo@hac.ac.il Circulation, reference, interlibrary loan (books & articles) and cataloguing Mrs. Hila Porat
rawanba@hac.ac.il Circuation, cataloguing, reference Mrs. Rawan Barhoum

What's in the Library?

  • Digital databases and electronic journals with home access
  • Computer workstations with office software and Internet connection
  • Wireless Internet
  • Library catalog
  • Printer and Photocopier

What material can be borrowed?

  • Literature, novels, photography and art books
  • Hebrew and English Journals in all fields taught at the college
  • Films (Video DVD) 
  • Final projects from previous years 

Who can Borrow from the Library? 

All students and staff at the college who can present proper identification can borrow library material.
Material can be signed out until fifteen minutes before the library closes.

Borrowing Guidelines

Students can borrow up to five books at one time, from two days to two weeks, depending on the title. Reserved books can be borrowed from 17:00 until 11:00 the next day. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are not permitted to be taken out of the library. 

Loan Extensions

The loan period can be extended, as long as the title isn't requested by another student or faculty member, or there aren't any restrictions on the cardholder. Extensions can be requested in the student resource center, or by calling 02-629-1303 the day prior to the due date.

Late Returns / Lost Books (calculators, headphones etc.)

All material must be returned on time. Late returns will result in a fine and borrowing other books will be prohibited until the fine is paid. Damaged or lost books must be replaced either by paying the full cost of the book, or by supplying another copy that is in good condition.


Students can access the following databases through personal computers via the database portal, or through library and college computers:


ACM Digital Library
(Association for Computing Machinery)
Full text of all journals, conference publications,
discussion groups of one of the leading
Computer Science publishers
(American Speech-Hearing-Language Association)
ASHA's four journals in full text -
first issue to present
EBSCO - Communication and
Mass Media + Political Science
Communication, Mass Media and
Political Science database - mostly in full text
JSTOR - Political Science and
Sociology + Hebrew Journals
Database of Hebrew and English articles on
Political Science and Sociology (also articles on other Social Science topics) including full text articles
Material ConneXion Material library for design
ProQuest + ProQuest Biology Journals Multi-disciplinary & Biology database of articles mostly in full text
SAGE Premier All SAGE's journals from 1999 to present in full text
ScienceDirect College Edition – 
Health and Life Science Collection
Elsevier's database of journals on Life Science and Health topics with full text articles from 1995 to present
Wiley Online Library Multi-disciplinary database, most of Wiley's journals in full text from 1997 to present
IHP - Index to Hebrew Periodicals Multi-disciplinary bibliographic index of about 200 mostly Hebrew journals (some academic, research and professional), only a small portion of them in full text
TD-Net  Catalog of the Hadassah Academic College journals: