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Privacy Policy

Hadassah Academic College ("the College") respects the privacy of users of the College website (the "Site"). The following conditions detail the privacy policy of the College. Formulation conditions are made in the masculine but apply equally to men and women.

1) The following privacy policy is not designed to replace our terms of use, but add to them. In case of a term or phrase that is not expressly provided herein, terms of use written explanation will be considered consensual interpretation. In the event of a discrepancy between the terms of use and privacy policies, the terms of use shall determine.

2) In general, when browsing the site, the user is not required to submit their personal information and /or identification. However, in order to receive the services listed in section 3, the user must provide his/her personal information. The user's delivery of information is at her/his sole discretion. If the user does not provide the required information, the College may prevent him/her from receiving the services listed in Section 3.

3) The user must provide the following personal information to receive the following services:

3.1 Request for further information from the College
3.2 Completion of form regarding the Alumni Association
3.3 Completion of form to offer a career position to a student or alumnus/a
3.4 Contacting the College using the contact form on the site.

4) The College, or its representative, shall be entitled to use the data provided by the user for the following uses:
4.1 Contact by phone and / or e-mail and / or letter to those who gave their information by one or more of the ways specified in section 3.
4.2. Quantitative data analysis surfing habits and characteristics. If such a study will be conducted, it will be done so anonymously, i.e., without users' personal details and/or user IDs.
4.3 Transfer to third party information. Any information provided by the user will not include personal details and /or identifying information of the user, except in cases where a court order instructs the College to provide this information to third parties and / or to investigate a dispute or claim relating to your use of the site that require disclosing such information.
4.4 Any other use that the College sees fit and which is in accordance with the law.

5) The user declares that he is aware that while using the Site, the College plants computer file "cookies" ("cookies") in order to improve the use of the site and to gather statistics. The user may delete these files from his/her computer at any time.

6) The Site contains technologies and operating practices with generally accepted information security. However, there is no absolute protection against unauthorized penetration. The Site user is aware and hereby waives any claim against the College in this regard.

7) This privacy policy is subject to change by the College from time to time and at the discretion of the College. If changes are made to this privacy policy, the College will publish it on the site. The validity of the changes will apply from the date of publication. Responsibility to be aware of the site's privacy policy lies with the user.