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10/16/2019 8:00:00 PM.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy") - 07/14/2019 , 20:00 - 08:00 | Azrieli Gallery, Helmsley Building

THE AZRIELI GALLERY, the new gallery for visual arts and design at the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem (HAC), under the direction of Judith Guetta, Head of HAC’s Department of Photographic Communications, and with Curator Tal Schwartz, opened its second exhibition: "Lines of Action" - animation and illustration by leading creative artists from Israel and around the world, as part of the Jerusalem OUTLINE FESTIVAL of Illustration and Poetics.

"Lines of Action" explores ties and encounters between photography, animation, and illustration through works by first-rate local and international contemporary artists. At the core of the exhibition are processes of creating alternative, fictional narratives in place of historical or biographical realities, into which elements of reality are intertwined within the new work. The resulting new, and perhaps simulated, worldview generates questions about the delicate seamline between what was and what could have been.

The works on view use materials taken from photographs and film, but the work processes create metamorphoses and displacements, deconstruction or dismemberment, taking these materials and recombining them. In some of the works, photographs serve as the inspiration or starting point for an entirely new piece; others are the raw material undergoing fragmentation or stratification. Rotoscope animation, (frame after frame of manual or digital illustration over photographs), and stop-motion technique, are both based on photography. Some of the filmmakers developed new and unique techniques to integrate photography together with animation. The exhibition reveals work processes alongside the finished works, showing a "behind the scenes" look at the field, and an inside view of the mechanisms that drive the both animation and illustration.

Azrieli Gallery, a gift of the Azrieli Foundation (Canada) to HAC, intends to showcase the vibrant spirit of the conceptual and applied creative work being undertaken in HAC's Departments of Photographic Communications and the DAN Department of Creative Human Design. Situated on the City's interface between East and West, straddling secular and ultra-Orthodox communities, the Gallery strives to reach a variety of local and international audiences. The Azrieli Gallery is well on its way to becoming a significant and influential new venue in the fields of photography and design.

Curators: Tal Schwartz, Chen Heifetz

Participants: Shaked Adler, Yotvat Arava, Daphna Awadish, Or Bar-El, Eliahou Eric Bokobza, Reut Bortz, Iwona Chmielewska, Hadas Cohen, Shlomit Fogel, Mor Galperin, Ori Goldberg, Abby Junge, Tal Kantor, Alex Klexber, Yinon Lan, Ophir Levi, Yam Matarasso, Galit Movshovitz, Nir Philosof, Yael Reisfeld, Ada Rimon, Shacham Rubin, Daniella Schnitzer, Nofar Schweitzer, Belle Shafir, Ilanit Shamla, Omer Sharon, Ofeq Shemer, Naama Shohet, Ilanit Shemia, Elad Shultz, Moran Somer, Guy Trefler, Osi Wald, Ricardo Wardesheim, Maayan Sophia Weisstub, Shlomi Yosef, Alexey Zakharov.

Open Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 8 AM-8 PM, FRIDAY 8 AM-1 PM.
Exhibition Closes: October 16, 2019.