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Now Open for registration 05/23/2021

05/23/2021 | International Office

Department of Photographic Communications and The International Department at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem Presents: Digital Imaging & The Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage (An online digital course).

About the Course

From the secrets embedded within surface textures, to the hidden worlds lurking beneath the surface, the huge advances that we are witnessing in digitization technologies over the past decades are opening the door to conservation, preservation, restoration and dissemination of our tangible cultural heritage on an unprecedented scale. New documentation methods give us today the opportunity, not only to experience the beauty and value of these cultural assets, but to share and distribute them globally.

Digital imaging technologies are exploring and uncovering new frontiers in virtually all fields of heritage research. From the coverage of vast areas by space and air, down to inspection on a microscopic level. All these and more will be reviewed, explained and discussed in this exciting new course, offered for the first time online.

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