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Photographic tour 2021: Eilat, a portrait of a city - a story of a journey

07/06/2021 | Photographic Communication, B.A.

After a year of social disconnection and distance, the Department of Photographic Communication has embarked on its annual photography trip. First and second year students, lecturers, faculty and instructors traveled as far as Eilat on a photographic trip dedicated entirely to Yossi Nachmias, a beloved and dear lecturer who passed away around four years ago. Yossi was a unique photographer, an expert in the country's heritage and the worlds of vegetation and living things.

 A little taste of the photographic tour (Photo: Adi Dar)

 We started the journey with a tour and got to know the city in the golden age, the neighborhoods, the port and the observation points that tell its story. We visited the Eilat Museum, which gave us a historical insight in to the city.

Led by Yoram Reshef, Kobi Ohayon, Yuval Tabul, Doron Alterz and Moshe Ken and the training team: Shaul, Matan, Eitan and Adi, we spread out throughout the southern city of Eilat for three days of photography and group bonding. We arrived at "the Brewery" where under the direction of Yoram Reshef we worked on advertising photography with an emphasis on direct natural lighting and creative thinking.

With the docu-group led by Yuval Tabul, Kobi Ohayon and Doron Altrez, we reached the neighborhoods, mountain landscapes and stories behind the people. From there we went to the "Deep Siam" diving club led by Doron Altrez and Shaul.

A little taste of the photographic tour (Photo: Adi Dar)

We were inspired by a fascinating lecture given by Erez Batus on free diving with whales and underwater photography.

We finished the third day of the photography trip of the southern city at the underwater observatory. The students went out to photograph focusing on the marketing mindset of the business.

We filmed a lot, experienced, laughed, got to know the city and of course each other, but our journey did not end after three days of hiking.

In full cooperation with the Eilat Municipality and the Art Gallery in the city, we will soon have an exhibition there based on the southern city - the landscapes, the people and the stories. The journey was also accompanied by Aharon, who put it together incredibly for us, and Mazal, our dear coordinator of the department, and of course Yehudit Guetta, the head of the department of photographic media.

Until next year, the Department of Photographic Communication, Eilat 2021

A few examples of students work that participated in the journey: