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Now Open for registration 10/20/2022

10/20/2022 | HAC International

Digital Imaging & The Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage

Department of Photographic Communications and The International Department at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem Present:

Digital Imaging & The Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage

(An online digital course)

October 2022-February 2023

Course Leader: Prof. Moshe Caine


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About the Course

From the secrets embedded within surface textures, to the hidden worlds lurking beneath the surface, the huge advances that we are witnessing in digitization technologies over the past decades are opening the door to conservation, preservation, restoration and dissemination of our tangible cultural heritage on an unprecedented scale. New documentation methods give us today the opportunity, not only to experience the beauty and value of these cultural assets, but to share and distribute them globally.

Digital imaging technologies are exploring and uncovering new frontiers in virtually all fields of heritage research. From the coverage of vast areas by space and air, down to inspection on a microscopic level. All these and more will be reviewed, explained and discussed in this exciting new course, offered for the first time online.

The course will present an overview of the various techniques available to heritage practitioners today and provide a basic and practical understanding of the tools that will enable them to become active partners in the international effort to document and preserve local heritage.

Each weekly session will be presented by a different international expert, spanning the technical, the theoretical and the applied aspects of heritage imaging and preservation.
Various case studies will be presented, illustrating the practical application of the technologies in both the field and the laboratory.

Participation is open to students and non-students alike. For students from academic institutions the course will carry an accreditation of 4.5 ECTS
The course will consist of aproximately 16-20 weekly online lectures of one academic hour each, followed by a question / discussion.

Some issues we will raise and address: 

  • Heritage Preservation Technologies
  • Digital technologies in heritage conservation - Overview
  • Visualization for Architectural design
  • Imaging techniques in Archaeology
  • Multispectral Imaging in Art conservation
  • Photogrammetry applications for Cultural Heritage
  • Laser scanning of Urban Landscapes
  • Conservation of digital photographic prints
  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging
  • Imaging techniques in Paper Conservation.
  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), three-dimensional (3D), and computed tomography(CT) in Paleontology.
  • Realtime, Online Interactive 3D


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International Student Rates

Cost for registering Digital Imaging & The Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage course is 450$. 

Special offer - early bird registration at a special cost: 350$ (1,135 NIS)*


Please note: All prices are in New Israeli Shekels (NIS).

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