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About Us - Computer Science, B.Sc.

The Department of Computer Science at Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem opened in 1995. As such, it is a well-established institution, among the most renowned in computer science and software engineering in Israel. The department trains its students in software and programming, theory of computer science, computer systems and mathematics, thus preparing its graduates for careers in the hi-tech industry and advanced studies. Many hundreds of department graduates currently hold development and management positions at leading hi-tech companies such as Intel, Mobileye, ExLibris, the Ministry of Finance’s software development house, and many more companies in Israel and worldwide.

To the Computer Science Department website (Hebrew)
Website of Dr. Yoram Biberman, Chair of the Computer Science Department and coordinator of course materials in the freshman year programming courses (Hebrew)

Scope of studies and field

The duration of studies for a B.Sc. in Computer Science is three years (six semesters),
comprising 140 credit points, or 180 hours of study.  The degree may also be spread over four years by building a customized curriculum.  Studies include a final project in which students apply the knowledge they have acquired over in their coursework, as well as their career aspirations in computer science after graduating. Many students in the department find professional employment during their studies and carry out their final project in the their workplace.

Study tracks (Hebrew)

Studies in the Department

The program offered by the Department of Computer Science in the College is a rigorous one, requiring sustained, diligent effort, in order to bring students to the forefront of technology and the best possible starting point for the hi-tech world after graduation, for jobs as developers, programmers, software engineers, and more. The department maintains a high standard of computer science studies, through personal engagement of faculty with students, in order to meet each student’s individual needs and enable them to realize their full potential. The department faculty includes seasoned lecturers with decades of experience in teaching computer science, who see their vocation in training the future generation of software engineers. 

The department offers both undergraduate and graduate studies in computer science.

Study goals (Hebrew)

Department Chair Yoram Biberman with students in the Department of Computer Science

Main subjects of study

  • Software and programming: languages: C++, C, Python, Java, and more.
  • Hardware and computer systems: operating systems, databases, information security, architecture, and computer communications.
  • Theory of computer science: data structure, algorithms, artificial intelligence and learning.
  • Mathematics: algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, probability, and logic.

List of courses (Hebrew)

Admission requirements

Eligibility for a matriculation certificate with a grade of at least 80 in mathematics on a 4-point level or suitable grade on 5-point level or computer science on 5-point level or in the quantitative component of the psychometric exam; weighted grade of at least 560.

To full terms of admission (Hebrew)

Want to study but don’t meet with the requirement? Join our pre-academic preparatory program, for more information click here or dial 2292*  

What happens after graduation?

Many students in the department start working in computing during their studies. Those who prefer to focus on their coursework find employment soon after graduating in a wide variety of companies and positions, according to their qualifications and inclinations.

Graduates interested in broadening their education can continue towards a master's in computer science at the college.