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Behavioral Sciences (B.A.)

Program Goals and Career Opportunities - Behavioral Sciences, B.A.

Internships in Sociology and Anthropology

Graduates wishing to undertake internships in the fields of sociology or anthropology will have acquired an excellent background to help them understand organizational, cultural, and social processes and the many ways individuals interact in society. Departmental studies will assist graduates to become qualified to fill job opportunities in a variety of different fields, or to pursue advanced degrees in the social sciences.

Internships in Communication and Government

Graduates who pursue internships in the areas of communications and government will be qualified to fill job positions that involve understanding political and media processes in private, public, and non-profit organizations. Graduates may also be eligible to fill meaningful administrative or program positions.

Internships in Psychology

Graduates undertaking internships in the area of psychology may be qualified to fill positions involving interpersonal interaction - such as counselors in welfare and rehabilitation organizations, or in cultural and informal educational institutions in the community. In addition, they may be eligible to work in the field of human resources, and to hold job positions that involve the provision of services for a wide variety of sectors.