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Bachelors of Arts in Photographic Communication

In the ever-evolving world of digital communications, a picture is still worth a thousand words. With increasingly ubiquitous digital photo sharing, and high powered smartphone cameras in everyone's pocket, the modern profession and art of photography has developed new meaning, approaches, and significance in a world saturated by images. Today's professional photographers use new techniques, perspectives, and technologies to shape the worlds of advertising, art, new media, and business. HAC's Department of Photographic Communication provides students with training that combines the technology, theory, and practice in the area of visual media and communications, along with the creative aspects of photography.

As in all HAC's degree programs, the B.A. in Photographic Communications combines top level academics with practical training, and experience geared towards today's real world job market. Students explore theories of visual and interactive communications and creativity, while developing marketable skills in applied photography, media design, 3D imaging technologies, internet and mobile technology development, graphics, video production, and more.

The B.A. program in photographic communications is recognized and accredited by the Israeli Council of Higher Education. The program consists of eight academic semesters which take place during the course of four years.