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Photographic Communication, B.A.

Program Goals and Career Opportunities - Photographic Communication, B.A.

An Arts Education with a Future

Students in the Photographic Communications program study photography within the context of two professional development tracks: the studio track, preparing for careers in the commercial sector, with work in advertising, food or fashion; the photojournalism track, including documentary photography. A third track is planned for the coming year, specializing in website design, and interactive media. In all tracks, students are trained to meet the needs and challenges of the professional photography market. The curriculum builds knowledge and proficiency in cutting edge techniques and technology, business skills and networking, professional discipline, journalistic ethics, advertising and visual messaging. Theoretical studies are complemented by opportunities to work with the latest and most advanced cameras, computer programs and editing equipment, and to explore the hands-on work of the field. Students take on multiple studio and field projects and gain an understanding of what differentiates amateur photography from professional business and art. Students develop their own unique stylistic language and strengthen their personal artistic expression while mastering practical elements of their craft. The result is a more refined creative professional with the business and practical acumen to pursue their art as a career.

Upon completion of their studies, Hadassah graduates work with a range of employers including news agencies, advertising firms, production companies, the fashion industry, tourism promotion, and more. Many also pursue independent freelance careers in a range of disciplines.